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Unitrunk Total Cable Managment and Cable Trunking

Unitrunk design and manufacture total cable management solutions that embody innovation, technical expertise and quality.

Unitrunk offer an extensive range of trunking, cable tray, cable ladder, channel and support systems along with innovative design solutions like RIS: Rapid Installation Systems, engineered to meet customer requirements for quick, practical and versatile cable management installation.


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Slotted Channel
£11.80 (inc. VAT)
Channel End Caps
£11.99 (inc. VAT)
Threaded Rod / Bar
£2.98 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Couplers
£2.33 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray To Channel Clips
£61.19 (inc. VAT)
Basket to Channel Clip 20 Pack
£16.79 (inc. VAT)
Uniklip Rapid Connectors
£27.59 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Cantilever Arms
£5.87 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Flat 45 Bend
£10.31 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Flat 90 Bend
£10.31 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Flat Equal Tee
£11.27 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Overhead Hangers
£5.81 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Reducers
£12.23 (inc. VAT)
Cable Tray Stand Off Bracket
£2.39 (inc. VAT)
Flat 4 Way Equal Intersection
£12.83 (inc. VAT)
Threaded Bar Stud Rod End Caps
£14.39 (inc. VAT)