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Smell Buster tablets - Pack of 10

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 Smell buster is a unique odour eliminator, not a perfume or a cover-up. It actually removes unpleasant odours from the air. It eliminates odours caused by smoke, mould, mildew, cat litter and pets. It eliminates the noxious smells created by formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide and other chemicals. Smell-Buster is easy to use and has a pleasant, fresh odour.

Key features:
  • Smell-buster is used by hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and many other businesses.
  • Smell-buster can be used in your home, in your office, in the cellar, in your vehicle, in fact anywhere that needs refreshing and is ideal to use in your air conditioning systems.
  • Smell- buster comes in a variety of sizes. Use 450-900 grams of product for every square metre

Instructions: Remove Smell-buster from the packaging and place on a dirt-free surface. Smell-buster will evaporate and contract over time until the fragrance is exhausted. Replace as necessary. The life span of Smell-buster will depend on unit usage. Do not ingest Smell-buster. Smell-buster should be kept out of reach of children. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Wash hands after use. Smell-buster should be stored away from heat and direct sunlight.
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