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Lawton Tube

The Lawton Tube Company Limited is the UK's leading independent manufacturer and distributor of copper tube.

These include tubes, coils, degreased medical fittings, refrigeration fittings and tubes for plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, electrical bus bars, medical gas installations, automotive braking circuits (copper brake pipe) and a host of other engineering applications.

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Long Radius 90' Elbow
£2.40 (inc. VAT)
Copper End Cap
£1.68 (inc. VAT)
45' Elbow
£3.12 (inc. VAT)
£1.67 (inc. VAT)
Copper Straight Couplers
£0.46 (inc. VAT)
Copper Suction Line P Trap
£14.66 (inc. VAT)
Copper U-Bend
£4.61 (inc. VAT)
End Feed Equal Tee Joint
£2.40 (inc. VAT)